The Story Workshop
Educational Trust - SWET



The Story Workshop Educational Trust (SWET) with funding from Catholic Relief Services is providing services for capacity building in form of Theatre for Development (TfD).

Under the United in Building and Advancing Life Expectations (UBALE) program working through government, community, and private-sector systems and structures, the program aims to reduce chronic malnutrition and food insecurity and build resilience among vulnerable populations in three of the most food-insecure, chronically malnourished, and disaster-prone districts of Southern Malawi.

In collaboration with the UBALE PMU staff, Story Workshop is working towards empowering communities especially youth networks with rights-based, participatory approaches in the form of TfD in order to: Facilitate community discussions on a topic of interest; Create theatre (drama, music) to explore the issue and its implications; and Build community support for behaviour change, taking action, and holding leaders accountable.

Working with Gender and Sustainability Field Officers (GSFOs), charged primarily with supporting community-based Gender Champions and facilitating community ownership of the program, Story Workshop is supporting youth clubs to receive TfD training.

A total of 20 Youth Network members per T/A from 26 T/As in Blantyre Rural, Chikhwawa and Nsanje have been equipped with skills so that they are also able to train other members of their clubs. Ultimately, GSFOs will then support the youth club members to organize community events using TfD around issues of importance to their community, such as Gender, Disaster Risk Management, Natural Resource Management, Good governance, Village Savings and Loans and SMART agriculture.