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The project Tittle is Urban Citizenry and Strengthened Governance Structures for Responsive Service Delivery (Deepening Democracy III). The Project Goal is Urban citizenry actively influence urban governance structures for Inclusive, Accountable, Transparent, and Responsive service delivery.

We seek to promote the welfare and development of the people, encourage and promote conditions conducive to the full development of healthy, productive and responsible members of society.

According to the Political Economy analysis, we would like to promote developmental planning and control, public expenditure tracking as well as community organisation on matters of development in urban cities. Specifically we target to expand the scope of development in urban areas and ensure that urban citizenry have the capacity for collective action efforts and influence the social organisation of urban cities and that city councils effectively execute their activities including those devolved by the central government by having clear and proper structures that are responsive i.e. considerate and accommodative of views of the citizens in making decisions.

Further to this, citizens have to become aware of their rights, responsibilities and governing policies existent that will affect their demanding of services such as roads, water, electricity, sanitation, hospitals, and schools etc. that the councils are to provide to them.

There is strong need for citizens and duty bearers to work together in implementing projects to ensure there is transparency and accountability to ensure information parity, easy tracking of resources and accommodation of decisions at all levels.
City council also have to ensure they report back to citizens in time about their plans and duties so citizens can be kept aware and always participating in the councils activities.

The project will mainly utilize mass media for the presentation of developmental activities in the project impact areas but also tapping into matters of national concern. SWET will also incorporate use of social media to publicize the project activities as and as a platform of engagement with communities and citizens at large. Our TV and radio programmes will bear different formats, incorporation knowledge and learning sharing, debates and discussions.

Duty bearers on the other hand have become more responsive and accountable to the needs of the communities.

On location, SWET will use traditional media such as use of theatre trainings for the community to mobilize themselves for community action towards development. It shall also use musical concerts for mass awareness campaign within the areas. It will also involve in trainings with city councils officials and councilors as well as MPs to clarify on roles, however this is contingent on the outcome of the baseline (as to whether or not citizens or the duty bearers themselves are able to distinguish their roles).