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Our Partners Say

Story Workshop's partners include numerous donors, international and local NGOs, and Community Based Organizations. They include Cordaid, The European Union, European Commission, USAID, UNDP, IMCHRD, OSISA, FHI, UNICEF, UNIFEM, WFP and CARE International.We have also worked closely with DANIDA, Oxfam, Project HOPE, Adolescent Girl’s Literacy Project (AGLIT), American Embassy Human Rights Fund, ICRAF, I-LIFE Malawi, and ActionAid. IFSP

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"...The co-operation with Story Workshop...was a very good opportunity to make some of the lessons learnt in 8 years of project work known to a wider public. Story Workshop was instrumental in facilitating all the media coverage that otherwise we would not have been able to achieve

The name of the project 'IFSP Mulanje' has become nearly a trademark after all the publicity. We have had a lot of positive reactions from other organisations that have contacted us after having read an article in the newspaper or having heard about us on the radio. Story Workshop has contributed substantially to the information exchange and the networking among organisations and institutions concerned with food security issues in Malawi"

Christa Roth (IFSP-Mulanje)

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"As part of your rural development communications campaign, you didn’t leave a stone unturned in order to bring young reporters to rural areas" Mr. Wiepke van der Goot, Former Head of EU Delegation