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Okoma Atani

Okoma Atani

Okoma Atani (Who cares?) was a Home-Based-Care support advocacy campaign with funding from CORDAID of Netherlands.

The goal of Okoma Atani (Who Cares?) project was to inform and sensitize the general public on the role of voluntary care givers, to encourage men to take up their fair share and to encourage leadership at every level to find ways to recognize and value the work of care givers.

The strategy of the campaign was to make Home-Based-Care and the care for orphans visible; to address the lack of policy and support and to empower care givers by placing them at the centre of attention of policy makers; and by giving them a platform where they can express their needs and demands in terms of care and support.

A movie and a documentary were produced to depict what care givers face and the challenges faced by orphans. These materials were then beamed in audio-visual sessions where stakeholders were invited to a forum of discussion after viewing the video materials. Watch Who Cares documentary on You-tube.