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Karonga DNCC Applauds SWET for Promoting Nutrition and WASH through Theatre for Development

Senior Nutrition and HIV/AIDS officer for Karonga, Steve Ndau has applauded Story Workshop for training an average of five drama clubs in Theatre for Development (TfD) in each TA in the district...   read more

Football and Netball for Promotion of WASH and Nutrition

TA Nyaluanga in Nkhatabay has appreciated the use of football and netball trophies in promoting nutrition and WASH in his area. Speaking during the open day which was organized by Story Workshop...   read more

MINESS Shines During Community Festival

The Story of Miness Nyirenda of Kachipenye Village, TA Boghoyo in Nkhatabay. During the cultural festival conducted in her area, SWET wanted to see how community members have benefited from the...   read more


Story Workshop Educational Trust (SWET) has engaged celebrities in disseminating tithane ndi Kolera messages through social media to reach out to many people. Through the Unicef’s tithane ndi...   read more

Salima DHO Impressed With Number of People Submitting Sputum for TB Testing

Salima District Hospital has registered an increase of people submitting sputum for TB testing this year thanks to drama clubs which are conducting Theatre for Development mobilising communities to...   read more

Swet Awards TA Malanda of NkhataBay

Story Workshop Educational Trust (SWET) has awarded senior chief Malanda in Nkhatabay for his commitment in mobilising communities in his area to take their under five children for malnutrition...   read more