The Story Workshop
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HIVOS-Zimachitika-For Youth By Youth

With funding from Hivos, Story Workshop is implementing a project called Zimachitika-for Youth by Youth. This is in response to Cultural Fund for Malawi (CFM) which recognizes the need of having a vibrant cultural sector that promotes democratic values such as freedom of expression through creation and expansion of spaces in order to promote social debate and cultural dialogue, Story Workshop sees its proposed youth apprenticeship program as one of the keys to unlocking the potential youth have in radio theatre.

As freedom of expression is the main measure of openness in a society, the radio drama production apprenticeship programme (Zimachitika-For youth By Youth) shall create and expand spaces for freedom of expression which will promote social and cultural dialogue whilst at the same time providing an opportunity of bringing together aspiring young theatre practitioners and institutions to share resources, promote efficient networking and capacity building in radio theatre production.

Additionally, using radio which is the main source of information in the country provides a fertile ground to promote a vibrant arts and culture scene that goes hand-in-hand with space for freedom of expression especially for young people. .

Ultimately, the project is also contributing to Hivos goal of effective use of public space both physical and digital by citizens as well as increasing the independence of the creative (radio theatre) sector. Therefore the radio drama seeks to harness creative youthful minds to push the boundaries of imagination, relevant and unique content and style to appeal to the masses.