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Impact On HIV/AIDS

With recent studies showing that 6 million Malawians listen to Story Workshop radio programs each week, we have been pleased to watch our constituency develop substantially over recent years.

More importantly, our measurement and evaluation activities indicate that our programs are resulting in behavior modification – changing lives as people model their behavior and actions on the lessons imparted by popular story characters.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our audience has to say:

What The Audience Say

"The issue that has inspired me very much in [the Story Workshop program] Zimachitika is HIV testing. In the past I had nothing to do with blood testing but because I have learnt the advantages of going for it, I am ready to do it. I have learnt that when one is tested and knows his status, he shall know how one can take care of his own life... " Armitage Chingóma, Kasungu
"Through Zimachitika, I now know the status of my blood because I learnt the benefit of going for HIV testing. In the past I was blind but after listening to this program I [decided] to go for a test. When I went there, they found that I am not only HIV negative but also that I am a universal blood donor. I am a happy person and am able to build my future now." Gift Kanyika, 18, Chitipa
"I was married to a teacher but I was not happy with his behavior. He used to go out with schoolgirls and other women in the village. I was fed up with this but I did not move out because I had no other source of income. ...But when I heard Zione [in Zimachitika] talking about how other women are facing the same problems, I packed my items and went home. I realized that life is only for living once, whereas money will always be there." Esmey Matoga, Mulanje