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Our Impact

Impact On Food Security

With recent studies showing that 6 million Malawians listen to Story Workshop radio programs each week, we have been pleased to watch our constituency develop substantially over recent years.

More importantly, our measurement and evaluation activities indicate that our programs are resulting in behavior modification – changing lives as people model their behavior and actions on the lessons imparted by popular story characters.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our audience has to say:

What The Audience Say

"In the play [ZImachitika] they say that it is not good to rely on fertilizer. Rather we can make some compost manure in our homes and then the manure works really good in our farms. Sometimes we panic ourselves fighting tooth and nail to get some money but we don’t and we fail to buy the fertilizer and yet we have simple manure that works like fertilizer. So with everything that is said in the play, I love Zimachitika." Kamwe Chibisa, Mzimba