The Story Workshop
Educational Trust - SWET



Story Workshop Educational Trust (SWET) uses campaign as one of the approaches to reach the masses.

We have a team of community mobilisers, actors, poets, musicians and people with different talents who are able to pull the cloud. Zimachitika characters such as Nabanda, Chithope, Gawanani and Gadabwali have been used during campaigns to pull the cloud and get the message which we have brought.

In some cases, especially during the road shows, celebrities outside the organization such as musicians and comedians have also been featured to successfully conduct the campaign.

We also use road shows, cinema, sporting activities and role models to seal the effectiveness of the campaign.

For the past 15 years we have been involved in different campaigns aimed at bringing the positive social and behavior change to communities, individuals and indeed to the society. We have been conducting campaigns in the areas of health, gender, human rights and democracy, food security and Environment. 

Some campaigns have been funded by international organizations such as USAID, UNICEF, DFID and GIZ.

We have been hired to promote products and services of some companies which we can proudly say our strategies which we used during the campaign were effective.

As such, if you want to promote a product or a service of your company or organization, using communication, you are at the right site, Contact Us and find out how we can work together as we are taking your company’s products and services to the communities.