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The European Union (EU) is implementing the AFIKEPO, Let the Children develop their full potential” nutrition programme in Malawi aiming at fighting under-nutrition, particularly with under-5 and their negative consequences on cognitive, social and economic development in line with priorities and policy commitments of the Government of Malawi. The AFIKEPO project is a joint co-financed project between the EU, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the GIZ. The Story Workshop Educational Trust is a GIZ partner working to contribute to towards increased knowledge and practices on nutrition for the school aged child and caregiversunder a 17 month project. Its interventions are categorically placed into 3 outputs;

As freedom of expression is the main measure of openness in a society, the radio drama production apprenticeship programme (Zimachitika-For youth By Youth) shall create and expand spaces for freedom of expression which will promote social and cultural dialogue whilst at the same time providing an opportunity of bringing together aspiring young theatre practitioners and institutions to share resources, promote efficient networking and capacity building in radio theatre production.

  • Messages on nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene for schools developed and disseminated through radio jingles and television spots.
  • Key school nutrition messages promoted through interactive Theatre For Development (TFD) and radio programs.
  • Strengthened coordination through multimedia platform showcasing nutrition related activities of the NAPE/AFIKEPO partners.

SWETs efforts will feed intothe achievement of GIZs outputs especially activity 1 and 3 under the AFIKEPO project where it will;

  • Support the development and dissemination of nutrition, health, water, sanitation (WATSAN) and hygiene messages for schools (Afikepo Nutrition Programme in Malawi Financing Agreement Activity 2.1.1) and
  • Promote the six key school nutrition messages (Afikepo Nutrition Programme in Malawi Financing Agreement Activity 2.1.3).

The project will be implemented in 150 primary schools in 7 districts of Chitipa, Karonga, Rumpi, Mzimba North, Mzimba South Nkhatabay and Nkhotakota with an approximate total of 105,000 learners over a 17 month period.


  1. Radio listeners clubs
  2. TFD clubs
  3. Radio programmes production
  4. Video spots production
  5. Content research
  6. Best practice workshops
  7. District meetings
  8. Partners meetings